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57. Kongress in Leipzig
   02. - 05. März 2016


  Doppelmitgliedschaft DGP
- European Respiratory Society (ERS)

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Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl von Publikationen aus pneumologischen Themenbereichen. Die Auswahl erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Gerne können Sie Publikationen, die hier nicht aufgeführt sind, bei der DGP-Geschäftsstelle zur Veröffentlichung vorschlagen.


Lung Cancer,
edited by Anne-Marie C. Dingemans, Martin Reck and Virginie Westeel

The European Respiratory Society has published "Lung Cancer" as part of its ERS Monograph book series. Anne-Marie Dingemans, Martin Reck and Virginie Westeel, the book’s editors, have brought together expert authors in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge of and advances in lung cancer. The book covers areas such as: screening, tobacco control, COPD, diagnosis and therapy. Very recent achievements in innovative fields, such as targeted therapies and immunotherapies, are also discussed. This book will be of interest to a very broad readership of researchers, clinicians and surgeons, and will answer all the questions encountered in everyday practice.
"Lung Cancer" will be available online at erspublications.com from June 2015 – ERS members can access content for free. Visit ersbookshop.com to order your print copy.


Zeitschrift "Der Pneumologe" (Sonderpreis für DGP-Mitglieder)


Zeitschriftenreihe KARGER KOMPASS (Sonderpreis für DGP-Mitglieder)


Evaluation of medical research performance – position paper of the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF)