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Patienten-Fragebogen zur Befindlichkeit bei Schwerer Respiratorischer Insuffizienz

The Severe Respiratory Insufficiency Questionnaire (SRI) has been specifically designed to asses the effects of home mechanical ventilation on health-related quality of life (HRQL). It contains seven domains covering 49 items (Figure 1). Responses are given on a 5-point Likert scale ranging between "does not apply at all" and "does fully apply". Scores are provided for all subscales and one Summary Scale ranging between 0 and 100, with higher scores representing better HRQL.

It is the aim of the international SRI project to stimulate research activities in the field of HRQL and home mechanical ventilation. For that purpose both the original version and the translated versions of the SRI are provided on this website free of charge for non-profit research activities. The SRI versions, their guidance for scoring, additional information on the corresponding author and the current status of translation and validation, respectively, and updated reference lists can be directly downloaded. Researchers are encouraged to provide further translations of the SRI, but are requested to contact the initiator of the international SRI project:


Prof. Dr. Wolfram Windisch

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Windisch
Chefarzt der Lungenklinik
Kliniken der Stadt Köln gGmbH
Lehrstuhl fĂĽr Pneumologie
Universität Witten/Herdecke
Fakultät für Gesundheit/Department für Humanmedizin
Tel. 0221/8907-18929
Fax. 0221/8907-8305
Email: windischw@kliniken-koeln.de
Ostmerheimer Strasse 200
51109 Köln


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